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This rejuvenating Beauty Balm allows the skin to breathe while providing full coverage, making it safe to use on sensitive skin.The application of a hyper soft polymer with similar elasticity to the skin and the anti-darkening formula help prevent skin color form changing and keep the skin looking c..
HK $85.9
DR.JART+ V7 Toning Light Vitamin Clear Whitening Cream, known as the whitening cream, now you can go out without bb cream. Long-term use will make your skin gradually whiter.It is a moisturizing cream that removes the tan and yellowness that summer brings, and brightens the skin tone. It has 7 vitam..
HK $135.5
Brand: Cathy Doll
想擁有想Win那麼性感的嘴唇嗎?喜歡他的怎麼可以錯過!!! 為自然滋潤的雙唇提供高效保濕!特製配方!透明質酸可保持雙唇持久柔軟滋潤,顏色持久沉實,色彩豐滿外,還具有淡淡醇香,適合所有環境場合,完美呈現可愛和性感的造型。 使用方法:擰開瓶蓋,用刷子從嘴唇內角開始塗抹色調,向外混合顏色令漸變效果更顯著,或將唇彩塗在嘴唇內角使造型外觀更自然,白天也適合使用啊#01 Pink Moment#02 Peach Kiss#03 Oh Orange#04 Hot Babe#05 Sugar Peach#06 Like Brick#07 Wonder Red#08 Sassy Red..
HK $40.5
Brand: Cathy Doll
Adding the glow to the lips and cheeks to make it light and comfortable as well Lip & Cheek Nude Matt Tint Nude matte lip tint that fits your lips, thin, light, soft touch, comfortable mouth Long-lasting color Can cover the original lip color completely smooth Enhance th..
HK $54.0
Brand: Cathy Doll
Product InfoStep up your makeup game with this Mini Lip & Cheek Nude Matte Tint that comfortably coats your lips and flatters those cheeks in burst of soft, lightweight and pigment-rich shade to deliver lasting and flawless result. It also comes with natural mineral water from Jeju Island that r..
HK $45.0
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