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Sulwhasoo 雪花秀

Maximize the intensive conditioning and balance of skin effect.The moisturizing essence mask contains "Yin-Yin Balancing Extreme Extract" which can reach the root cause and restore skin balance. "Nourishing Yin Balancing Extract" uses five precious herbs to create a synergistic effect, which can rep..
HK $25.4
A peel-off mask that removes dead skin cells and impurities for smoother skin.This mask includes finely ground Solomon’s Seal, the finest honey, and Japanese Honeysuckle to leave skin clear and translucent.A peel-off type mask that clarifies and reinvigorates the skin instantly.How to use:After appl..
HK $164.6
Features:- This high-efficiency firming cream restores skin elasticity from the inside out, deeply moisturizing the skin.- Contains JISUN Firming Complex™ (JISUN Firming Complex™), including wolfberry, black bean and kudzu root, which can strengthen the skin and increase the support of the skin.- Sk..
HK $350.9
23 years of research have been channeled toward Sulwhasoo’s signature “first step” Korean herbal medicine-based serumThe fifth generation JAUM Activator™ is more powerful than ever as an essential anti-aging booster that stimulates the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself every day.How To Use..
HK $554.2
Formula helps maintain hydrated, supple skin long after cleansing.Prepare your skin for the next step of cleansingThis cleansing foam gently removes dead skin cells without overstimulating the skin, leaving behind a layer of moisture for a clean and smooth base.Compact and fine foam provides a super..
HK $133.1
Harmonizing Korean herbal medicine to improve the repairing effectBlend Korean red ginseng, Yuzhu, peony, rehmannia and other traditional Korean herbs to create a nourishing and clean effect.40 days of careful boiling gives skin unique nourishmentIt takes 40 days to develop the honey soap in the pal..
HK $29.6
Sulwhasoo - Overnight Vitalizing Mask 120ml✦Item DescriptionThe soft texture of this mask cream provides soothing moisture without excess residueRegenerates the skin overnight with rich moistureScutellaria root, walnut extract and Angelica Acutiloba deliver extra nourishment and reinvigorate your sk..
HK $193.6
Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream EX 25mlHelps strengthen and revitalize the fragile skin around the eyesAn essential product to treat and protect the delicate skin around the eyes:Enzymes from Korean Red Ginseng Saponin effectively diminish the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, while Yai Jiu..
HK $411.4
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